Your Life: Changing Seasons Ahead

It is here again. Another season changes and a new year approaching.

This year has been full of surprises, changes, upgrades, and continuations.

You have not seen me blog for a while, and there is a reason for it, or two… or maybe more. I can tell you that each blog missed has been one more tea time with you I have missed. That is why I am now more focused on staying in touch with you via my blog and website than ever, ever before.

My journey has not been an easy one or a simple one, but it sure has been a rewarding one. Even those times that I thought I had received crap from the universe, I realized for many that they were there for a reason; and that was to teach me, show me, help me grow and BE Lidys.

I’ve Been Hiding

This year I came back from a retreat the fall before and with my tools and resources decided to make some changes, for real. Some of those have been public, such as redoing my website. I actually paid someone to update my website within budget, and another person to do my header and graphics. This alone was a HUGE step for me to take.

You see, the past two years I have been hesitant about my online presence for my business. The reason being that I was more comfortable in the offline world, working one on one with limited clientele. I have been a great coach and mentor to those looking for how to be themselves while working or building their businesses, or passionate ideas and visions for their lives. I have helped them and they have gotten results from that work. Others have not, as they have their own journey to go through before choosing to get where they want.

So this hesitation was masked by the excuses, the excuse of ‘my website is not ready’; then, the excuses of ‘not enough time’, etc. I realized this spring that the planning I had done for this year had not been completed due to my fears. Deep inside the fears of our ancestral lives keep us tied to a static present. There is no moving forward because there is no liberation.

I Came Out

But then I got my website redesigned and ready online. Wow. It felt real, palpable, I was present. I was content with the results. This was just a stepping stone, a new stage in my growing my online business the right way.

By this time, I got exhausted and a bit disoriented.

The message I have been trying to share with the world was a bit muddied in all the clutter and noise of online ‘coaches’, programs, communities, and more. So I took the summer months to dig deep into my soul, heart, and mind. You know, that kind of work that you can’t really do over a two hour coffee break or a weekend of cave living.

From that time this summer I was able to start preparing my Self and my life to get into the next phase. I stopped doing coaching, and began to design more community projects and specific things for my clients and fans whom are out there waiting for me to show up and have tea with them. My last post this fall was about that, about what I was doing all this time that had passed without blogging. Remember, even though I neglected my presence in my newly remade website, I was still very active on IG and FB and FB groups and other blogs. I love instagram and the little big community of beautiful people you meet there. It is my visual place to be.

In this time of work, I was referred to Lisa England. An amazing branding storyteller who was able to work with me beautifully and strongly. She helped me voice what my words and thoughts wanted to share with the world. Her work is amazing, and I am forever grateful to her.

From that clarity, I am now more centred and able to share with you who I am and what I can offer you.

How can I say that, if I had to hire someone to help ME out?


Just because you are an expert at helping others, doesn’t mean you are great at helping yourself.







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