Gain support to move beyond your established roles & expectations,

into who you really are.

It’s time for you soul, life purpose and vision to come to life!

To activate your star codes so you can re-learn to live a more balanced and enriched life with clarity and confidence?

I’m here to help you to REMEMBER your cosmic lineage and true self. To guide you in your Human Design journey of self discovery. To remember how to live in your own power and self-confidence, and infuse more ease and grace into your daily life.

Together, we uncover The Language Of You™ and create your path to success and awakening from within.

Who You Are

  • You see yourself as a soulful seeker, a Starseed, a creative, an intuitive, a heart-centred entrepreneur, or want to explore one of all of these aspects of BEing.
  • You are already in the path of Self Awakening or desire to be. 
  • You know  your Human Design body energetics and want me to guide you on how to live it in the real, practical world you live in.
  • You like the Sacred and the lattes as much as I do, coz the new self-ascension includes our current realities… and that’s ok!
  • You know you are made of stardust and the whole world of opportunities awaits for you. You are ready to BE more, to BE YOU. To REMEMBER.
  • You are the uninitiated, you are the dormant Starseed. You are the Cosmic Soul of the world waiting to awaken your intuitive self and expand in the world consciously.
  • You want to know how to connect more to the regal cosmos you belong to and come from, while still live the everyday life with ease, strength, and grace.
  • You want or have already turned off the TV of your 3D mind and want to create a life vision of true deep meaning you can expand from and into more.
  • You know you are meant for more, in your own terms, with your own language of Being, The Language of You™

How I can help you


Soul Spa Session™

A private one:one 60 min session offered for clarity and alignment.

  • You are a soulful seeker, a Starseed, an artist, or a visioneur™ (or would like to be), yearning for clarity and guidance on one area of your life that keeps you stuck.
  • You are ready to express Your Cosmic Blueprint™ fully in the world and bring your body of work to life, intuitively and practically.
  • You need someone who can listen without judgement and help you get clarity and confidence you are looking for.
  • You have some questions or doubts that keep you frozen  on taking the next step.
  • You are looking for a Starseed like you, who can help you navigate the waters of your newly remembered powerful you.
  • You are done with the same line; “I know what I want and have to do, but there’s something still keeping me stuck”.
  • AWAKEN Soul Spa Sessions™ are unique to each individual. No cookie-cutter stuff here. Because you are unique like the Starseed you are.
  • We work from the place of the now and moving ahead, while we respect the past experiences.


Soul Matrix Mentorship™ Program

An extended time container of support to work on what’s most important for you and your soul right now, what’s holding you back, and how to get to where you want to be.

  • A transformational journey for those already on the path of alignment or wishing to go ALL IN with their soul vision and expansion.
  • You are awake in consciousness and know the path you are taking, but want more and to go all in with your soul purpose, with ease and abundance. 
  • But there’s something that is keeping you from reaching your life’s vision, there are still fears and doubts, or you are unclear as to what the next step is for your journey.
  • The EXPAND Soul Matrix Mentorship™ Program is designed for YOU. The program is by application only and limited spots available. This is a unique-to-you program customized to your needs and vision.


Cosmic Soul Retreats™

A suite of retreats to expand and transform your already awakened consciousness and star codes.

  • Retreats will be offered in different places that align and connect us via vortex and portals to the inter-dimensional YOU.
  • Connect with our Earth, your Soul Vision, and other Visioneurs™ like you.
  • You have learned the ropes, done your work, and expanded your reach. Now you are ready to fully become the alchemist you are at heart and in your DNA.
  • You are ready to use your soul stirring gifts to transform yourself, others, and the planet beyond the 3D boundaries.
  • You are ready to share, learn, receive, inquire, open up, laugh, cry, love and go beyond what you thought possible. You are ready. We are waiting for you. We welcome you!