FEAR. That thing of which we are scared the most.


We go searching for the next guru, and the next saviour coach that will give us the right answer to all our business problems, will help us find the ‘ideal’ client and all that shit that we are supposed to be doing to get that ideal starbucks-drinker-client to like us, trust us, know us.

But how’s that possible when we don’t like, know or trust ourselves first?

I mean, after thousands of dollars spent trying to get the next or newer coach guru, course guru, launcher guru, ideal client guru, and the list goes on guru, i realized that enough was enough. My pockets couldn’t handle it anymore, and honestly neither could my soul.

So I stopped buying stuff to make me what I already knew I was, but was afraid to be; LIDYS.

I took my life in a different direction. Searching was not enough for me anymore. At least not that crazy ‘online biz’ search we do. Rather, when it came to my business and my life, I turned my searching to LISTENING to my body, my spirit connection to the higher vibrations we are born with and of, and to my own common sense. Let me tell you, what a difference that has made.

Things have shifted drastically in some areas of my life, and slowly but with ease in others. I chose to work and seek assistance from those I personally knew or trusted, and who had a heart and mind aligned with mine in many ways. This part was not easy, as everyone has value to offer. But when I found a couple of specific persons to work with, the world aligned in high vibration to support me and my choices.

Now I look at fear in the face. It is there always, as we are human beings that cannot escape the reality of emotions, feelings, and our minds. What we can do instead is make a friend of fear, get it to be a part of us that works for us instead of against us.

It is the lower vibrations and frequency of fear what we battle with the most. Because fear, as with any other emotion or feeling, has its own vibes, its own being and purpose for existence. Becoming aware of this and being able to move forward is what really helps us look at fear in the face and and let it go.

For now, I am moving forward and invite you to do the same. Connect with that part of yourself that is connected to the Higher Source, God, I Am, Goddess, or whichever name you give it in your life. The names in this instance don’t matter, but the connection does.

May you find your light in the cave of fear.


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