Align Your Self With The Universe Inside You!

“Who we are and who we can be
rests dormant in our Heart/Mind.
Only when we dare look inside,
is when we get to see our full potential.”

Uncover the Language of You

I believe that true freedom is the power to manifest what truly lies within us, no matter where we find ourselves. As an Intuitive mentor, artist, and energy healer, I help frustrated intuitives + artists + seekers get the clarity they need, and grow their vision with purpose from the inside out.

Together, we uncover the Language of You™ and create your path to success from within .

Where Did I Come From And Where Am I Going?

From the moment I was born, the role of “Shaman” was written on my soul—although the “Cosmic” part took a bit longer to manifest. The youngest of six children from South America, I am a Sagittarius sun with Gemini rising and Gemini moon (Triple shot of intuition, anyone?).

I have displayed those intuitive skills since childhood. When I was five years old I was shown the true nature of our souls. I was playing in the backyard minding my own business, when I heard a voice that told me to look out to the street where people were walking by. I did as I was told, and I literally saw our bodies as the vibrational light energy that we really are. That same voice explained to me, “This is who you really are. You are not that which you see. You are not this body you live in.” That experience stayed with me for the rest of my life and I remember it as if it was today. Every single aspect of it. Later on I learned that intuitive gifts run in my family.

I have been an intuitive healer and dreamworker since an early age, but consciously and earnestly developing these aspect of myself for over 20 years. I began with intuitive and crystal work in South America through a mentor and friend who helped me in my early twenties to see the possibilities of my intuitive gifts and set me on my journey of a lifetime.

As an adult, I have channeled my gifting as a tarot and oracle reader, visual artist, shamanic energy worker, writer, oracle reader, self-published magazine editor/publisher/writer, Reiki master/teacher, and psychic channeler; as well as working with immigrants and displaced people, women’s groups, non-profit businesses, and artists. I have worked with different earthly and cosmic lineages throughout the decades, both in my healing sessions, channeling, and my dreamwork.

I honour them all.

From Reluctant Channel To Open Source

I have been channeling messages from different lineages of this plane and interdimensional beings since 2000 through my dreams and dreamwork/yoga (conscious dreaming), as well as sound and crystals. Every time there were crystals and sound present, I would hook up/tune in to them as I did in my dreams. I could see and hear teachings and messages but many were hard to put into human language. So I kept a journal for my own learning, in the hopes of one day be able to decode these messages, as I knew they were of extreme importance.

But regardless of how much I connected to these energies and messages, I was reluctant to call myself a channeller or even think about working as one, or telling others of these experiences. Only a few (that is, 3 people) really knew all these decades where my healing work and other messages I shared were really coming from.

I was a reluctant channeller.

I AM That I AM

For the past years, I have been able to fully plug in and work directly with the channeling aspect of my gifts. I am now openly sharing with others that i am a trance channeler of multidimensional beings who bring a message that must be shared with all. I still do healing work and intuitive art, and buy lattes, and love shoes, and get upset with politics, racism, and injustice. I am me, human living. But my experience with being a channeler to that which is beyond our comprehension brings my purpose and path in line with who I really am. Some now call me Cosmic Shaman, and that’s ok, if that helps them find the cosmic inside them.

But I am still me, Lidys.

The New Ascension

Teachings on ascension have populated this earth since ancient times. More so in the past decade or so. We are taught that ascension is some lofty goal we must pursue, that is important; but most of the time we are left wondering what self-ascension really is, if we can really achieve it, and most of all why on earth would we get into all that ‘woo-woo’ stuff? – I hear you. The message and work I have been doing through the years have helped prepared me for the much needed and important message of who I work with in my channeling sessions and dreamwork. I have been working with different lineages, beings of light, and source energy throughout my life, such as archangels, star beings and now the I Am presences and other teachers/guides. The tool is not important, but the message is.

Since embracing channeling fully, I have been working in most part with the Council of Orion, who presented themselves as the Council of Light in the beginning of the sessions; I call them The Council, for short; as well as my I AM vibration Serenia. Through these sessions the message has been clear; the time is NOW to know and understand our real purpose and who we are.

Ascension as we have known it, through a religion-like setting of ‘teachers’ or ‘gurus’ is no longer of service. We ALL have access to self ascension while in this world.

We live in this world but are not of it.

the Work

I have been told and shown that one of the purposes I am here for is to share with you how to improve your human life by aligning yourself with your true self, your true potential, with YOU. You can align your life and business in a way that is true to yourself and help you rise in your vision as the powerful being that you already are. It is a message for all of us. This is work I have been doing all my life but now it is different, it is fully aligned.

I am here to show you, through the gifts i have been given, that YOU CAN achieve ascension NOW and every day. WE all can. It is not easy, but it is possible. No more masquerades, complex concepts, or convoluted messages. This is not Woo-woo fluff or an online scheme. YOU are a being of light. YOU can change your life for the better, live in peace and power and evolve into the being and life you want and are destined for and more.

Ascension is here and now. You are ascension… CLAIM IT!

Start Here!

I want to share that freedom, peace, and power with you.

Today my clients come from all walks of life. They are aloof and sensible types, practical minds with as strong a bent for intuition as for the practical. They are the woman I have been: caged and wanting freedom, always sensing an unnatural divide between the visions of their deepest soul and the life they lead in the material world. They reflect me like a mirror, and I them. We work together

sacred shop

My Sacred Shop offers a variety of services and programs tailored to specific needs and visions. From intuitive arts and readings for clarity or in depth work, to programs and e-courses, to special seasonal services.

soul speak sessions™

I offer my intuitive insights through Soul Speak Sessions™. These are individual sessions that are action-oriented and PACKED with amazing, deep, heart and mind work to get you where you want to be in life, working from within and with the help of your spirit guides and channeled messages.


Get to know me more at my blog, and find out more about my world vision, sermons, rants and faves – all coming from a place of love and practicality. I also share channeled messages from the Council of Orion and other transmissions.