You know you have a powerful vision to share with the world.

But the muddy waters of self-doubt and fear are weighing you down from the ascension waiting for you.

As Starseeds, intuitives and creatives, Discovering & sharing our soul gifts can make us feel vulnerable, Overwhelmed, judged and Blocked.

But if we work through those fears, we can feel…

Sometimes we need a way-shower to guide us towards our light.

Hi, I’m Lidys Garcia

Your soul alignment mentor

My purpose is to help you get into alignment with your true self and express your gifts and vision in the world, as the powerful being you already are.


who i am and how i can serve you

I know the path to transformation and sharing our soul gifts is never easy. Despite displaying intuitive skills since childhood and becoming an intuitive healer and dreamworker from an early age, I struggled greatly with self-doubt and uncertainty about sharing my gifts with the world, just like many of us do.

I have spent almost 20 years of my life learning and working with the Sacred Arts of energy healing, intuitive arts and conscious channelling.

During that time I struggled to navigate the unnatural divide between the call of my deepest soul and the life I led in the material world. It left me feeling caged, confused, scattered.

Have you felt like this too?

Balancing the responsibilities of life — family, kids, a job that pays the bills AND a higher purpose sitting on your heart is not easy. It can lead you to feel desperate and seek too-good-to-be-true overnight success promises.

We all need mentors on our journey, but one thing I have rediscovered is that listening to everyone but yourself is NOT the answer. It’s too easy to get sucked into the most recent ‘soulful’ fad or the next ‘guru’ who will tell you you’re doing it wrong and they can show you the ‘right’ way. But you forget your magic, your true self, and get stuck in fear and doubt.

Like you, I have spent years and money in a tailspin, pivoting my true calling, business and offerings based on other people’s ‘business/soulful advice’. But I realized that if you follow your own guidance, find your true gifts and how to share them with the world in an authentic way, that’s when you get your power back.

My own journey inspired me to help you quiet the noise of the outside world and go inwards to discover what I call The Language Of You™.

I will never tell you what to do. I will listen and tune into you on a soul level and help you reveal your true self that has always been there.

I believe that true freedom is the power to manifest what truly lies within us, no matter where we find ourselves. As an Intuitive Strategist and Transformational Mentor I help starseeds, creatives, and holistic visioneurs™ get aligned with their own Cosmic Self and grow their life’s vision with purpose from the inside out.

YOU are a being of light.

YOU can change your life for the better, live in peace and power and evolve into the being and life you want and you are destined for and more.

Together, we uncover the language of you™ and create your path to success from within!