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The Power of Words for Healing and Self Ascension

Words. We are the word and the word is us. Words build and construct, words destroy. When affirmations are shared with your subconscious mind at night, at the time of going to sleep state, all of those words and sound vibrations become that cellular memory that you already have imprinted in you. 

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Aligning Our Purpose and Healing The Earth

Earth as you know it is shifting rapidly from all the previous times. There is no more time to wait. Those who need  to move and relocate in order to do better work must do so. You align with your Gaia with your mother earth as you call. 

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How To Transform Fear and Be Your Cosmos

You see, it all stems from fear; from the fear that comes  about sharing my thoughts and feelings on an online setting. There are different kinds of fears; there is the innate fear and there is the social fear that we develop as we grow older. 

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The Shasta Connection

There are certain places in the world that are of much interest to the spiritual community. They are places where we are told the energies of the universe meet as a vortex, with much energy and synergy available to those who go there. There is nothing to believe or not believe about these places or the vortexes in them.

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Doubts and the Fabric of One

May you not doubt yourself or your mission. When you do, you do a disservice to your I Am and to that I am of those who are waiting for you. Once you set them free, they will be on their own I Am. but do not doubt your work.

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The Essence of Your I AM and Your Purpose

[…]work is one that goes beyond the flesh and body. Work is one that transcends all that which [you] see, because what [you] see is that limited eye view of the human body and consciousness at a different level than ours. 

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