I know.

I have been away from my website for quite some time. I understand your questioning if I was really available to you or not.

The truth is that I have not been away, really. I have been working behind the scenes doing deep soul work with my Self and soul.

Deep stuff. Gentle stuff. All kinds of stuff.

On the secular, practical side of my world, I have also been doing some experimentation with different platforms online and more research on website development, blogging, marketing, etc.

On the Sacred part of my world, I have been doing some personal retreat time alone and with others, research into topics I want to share with you in soon-to-come articles, discovering and re-discovering my magic each new, dark,  and full moon as well. I have been working with a couple of mentors who have graciously shared their time and energetic love and work with me.

The growing of both the sacred & intuitive, and the profane, secular, mundane parts of this humanity of mine has been throughout the years challenging, rewarding, expansive, shrinking, explosive and quiet, all at the same time; and all at different times.

What is the result of all of the above?

quite simply, the rebirthing of my right to be Lidys Marcibeth Garcia. Yup. That’s my full name.

I have been going through the birthing pains of new offerings for YOU.

Because I see you.

I hear you.

I sense you.

I have been working on these programs and products for the past several years, many years actually. They are the result of my own experiences working with others like you, like me; and working with and on myself as well.

Some of the things that are coming up in the next few weeks and months are:

Visioneur Life™ – A step by step intuitive coaching session for a special group of women, just like you. Because YOU ARE SPECIAL and your vision needs a place to grow and BE. This is also a line of products and services that will help support you in each step of your awesome journey in life and business. More to come…

POWER WOW!™  – A line of products and services that are specifically designed for you to inspire, take action, grow, learn, and be your best. More to come…

Opening The Doors™ – This offering is very special to my heart. It is an invitation to work with the ancestral teachings present in your life in ways that you may have never thought were possible. More to come…

Your Medicine Bag™ Sessions – These are individual sessions PACKED with amazing deep heart and mind work to get you where you want to be in life and business. More to come…

Handmade Dharma™ – Sacred services and products for all who seek something more. More to come….

As you can see, my vision is grand but doable. I will be working on, finalizing, and sharing with you the programs and offerings as I get them done and ready to roll. I am excited to share this part of my life with you!

In the meantime, you can follow me here on the blog and below in social media…

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