You are a starseed, a soulful entrepreneur, an intuitive, or an artist.

You’re already sharing your gifts with the world, or wanting to expand your life and purpose.

You are awake in consciousness and know the path you are taking, but want more and to go all in with your soul purpose, with ease and abundance. But there’s something that is keeping you from reaching your life’s vision, there are still fears and doubts, or you are unclear as to what the next step is for your journey.

You still doubt your gifts and power whenever you take a new step in your journey. 

You know in your heart and every cell in your body that you are powerful beyond belief… if only your mind could believe it. You feel you may have run on empty, and are longing for more alignment to the whole, the universe, God, Spirit, your I AM.

You have Star Codes waiting to be

activated and awakened

to take you to the next level of growth and abundance, authentically.

You have done the core work and now are ready to grow and expand into the next level you are


Soul matrix mentorship program™

By application and interview only with limited spots available. This is a unique-to-you program customized to your needs and vision.

A transformational journey for those already on the path of alignment or wishing to go ALL IN with their soul vision and expansion.


What you get

A three months (13 weeks) safe space, container of support to work on what’s most important for you and your soul right now, what’s holding you back, and how to get to where you want to be.

Gain the confidence and clarity of purpose that may have been muddied by the business of life, and truly express your gifts full out.

Make decisions form a place of knowing and truth without feeling guilty of your choices. Live your truth.

Discover the best action steps to take and make your life’s vision and purpose happen with ease and grace as you are meant to have it.

Work from the place of the now and the future you want to create. 

Learn to BE YOU FULL OUT, to be authentic in your life and business and reap the rewards of being in alignment with your cosmic soul. BE the powerful being you know you are!

Create the environment (habits and routines) you would thrive in without sacrificing what you love, and help you stay on track, grow, and explore new energy in your life and business.

Experience the power of speaking The Language Of You™ in all aspects of your life, with strength and grace.

The next private mentorship program opens Autumn 2020.
Join the Weekly Love Letters to be notified as soon as it opens. The program is by application and interview only. Limited spots available.

What’s included

Three 45-60 min mentorship calls per month

Three 45 min mentorship calls per month

9 calls total ($2700 value).

One Cosmic Alignment healing session Per Month

One Cosmic Alignment healing session Per Month

(remotely) to help with integration of star codes and alignment to your process. 3 healing sessions total ($450 value).

Energetic vortex activation

Energetic vortex activation

for support during your 12 weeks of mentorship program (priceless).

One mini VIP day

One mini VIP day

half way through your program for focused playwork and get-shit-done with soul and purpose ($700 value).

Unlimited email and text

Unlimited email and text

access to me directly (M-F) during the 12 weeks of mentorship ($1200 value).

Monthly and weekly focus playwork

Monthly and weekly focus playwork

based on your needs and growth throughout the program. No cookie-cutter checklists here!


Early bird access

VIP early access

to future programs and events. Plus specials on all digital products during coaching term (priceless).

Surprise gift

Surprise gift

Yup, I love surprises and love gifts!

Access to my VIP Facebook group

Access to my private group

and it’s not Facebook™ Yay! A seasonal group for additional support, networking and community building in a safe, caring space for you.

Make 2020 your year to Shine!