Channeled Message from the I AM, SERENIA
Gifted on 9/9/2016 through Lidys Garcia, a powerful day of energetic flow!

We Are One

[…]work is one that goes beyond the flesh and body. Work is one that transcends all that which [you] see, because what [you] see is that limited eye view of the human body and consciousness at a different level than ours. Remember you and us are the same and one. It is with different vibration, densities, frequencies, and that which you call All Of That Is, that we may or may not come in today. But we are all connected and communicate as needed. It is a pleasure to work with those who are open and who are able  to see that light that is within them, and that comes from that which is all of us in the universe; as we are all co-creators of the universe that we see and do not see.

There are many things that you do not see or experience in this encapsulated human body of yours. It is with great pleasure that we share with you in many different ways. From the simplest, to that in between, which most are fixated with. However, but..

 …if you open that mind, that consciousness that is already within you,
you will be able to see the brilliance of your humanity as it is supposed to be.

It is not a fairy tale. It is not that which you think is non existent non [inaudible] . it is existent. It aligns with each cell and DNA dimension of your body. That is, body that is physical, mental, emotional, psychically beyond this body.

Ways to Connect With Your I AM

There are many dimensions that we share with you. In your sleep. In your words, in your thoughts. All of those are knowledge and teachings that are shared within all of us interconnected. When you go to sleep it is a state that allows us all to be connected in that which is the Onenes of the One I AM. you call it I Am. it is a beautiful name as it brings it back to that which is you in this human presence, but also connected to that which is beyond this realm. Dream state is that part of work that we do with you. Your children also in their state. Children are wonderful. Communicate at different level and vibration than you adult. Sad sad sad. When you change into adult, it’s loss of connection. However, at night we do connect and vibrate, and heal, and share information that is needed. At your different steps we analyze and supervise and make sure that the alignment is correct for us to transmit that knowledge. Many times people do not understand what they are receiving in dreams or in real life.  But remember your real life is a reflection of what you really are. It is not real, the real life, but all that which is the dreams that you call dreams. It is not . it is  us. We are working together.

Your Mission and Purpose

There is the Gaia mission. There is the cosmic mission. There is the earthly mission. earthly and Gaia  is different. We transmit as necessary and as adequately. And all of those of us I Am, and you I Am, all are one but one I Am. missions are always there.

Mission is one: To be the I AM that you are.
The purpose is always one: To bring that into resonance with all of us in different dimensions and planetary levels.

Who we are is that which you are. It is so important that you may remember this and share with others. As all teachers and masters that we have connected; you, lidys, and those beyond, will be connectively making this one unison healing of one unison ascension that is already happening with you.

Do not, do not fear the comprehension of others or miss- dis-comprehension, as that does not limit your purpose, your guidance, and your work.

Keep continuing as you say forward. And all it is all will come to be.


(*) To keep this message clear and preserve its meaning, context, and purpose, you may share this information outside of this blog by giving credit asChanneled by Lidys Garcia, and/or with previous written permission. In love + light.

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