You & Me

I want to share freedom, peace, and power with you.

Today my clients come from all walks of life. They are aloof and sensible types, practical minds with as strong a bent for intuition as for the practical. They are the woman I have been: caged and wanting freedom, always sensing an unnatural divide between the visions of their deepest soul and the life they lead in the material world. They reflect me like a mirror, and I them. We work together

sacred shop

My Sacred Shop offers a variety of services and programs tailored to specific needs and visions. From intuitive arts and readings for clarity or in depth work, to programs and e-courses, to special seasonal services.

soul speak sessions™

I offer my intuitive insights through Soul Speak Sessions™. These are individual sessions that are action-oriented and PACKED with amazing, deep, heart and mind work to get you where you want to be in life, working from within and with the help of your spirit guides and channeled messages.


Get to know me more at my blog, and find out more about my world vision, sermons, rants and faves – all coming from a place of love and practicality. I also share channeled messages from the Council of Orion and other transmissions.

That’s What She Said!

“After working with Lidys, my whole attitude changed…”

When I came to work with Lidys, I felt strongly that I needed more money and a personality adjustment, which ended up not being true at all. I had previously tried to market myself as a “fluffy bunny doula” like all the other popular businesses in the area, which completely disregarded my own personality and how I was actually hoping to run my business. Working with Lidys, I really enjoyed the personal connection and her lack of judgement. Lidys was understanding and compassionate without being condescending. I am also deeply appreciative of the spirituality and holistic-ness she brought to our discussions. I have found it very difficult to balance my own spirituality and ideals with running a business; it’s inspiring to see how they can meld together. After working with Lidys, my whole attitude changed; I was better able to define who I was and how I could be of use to potential clients. I have a more clearly defined target market now, and a better idea of what those clients are looking for in a business. If nothing else, that confidence boost was entirely worth everything. I’ve been able to put a lot of the things we discussed into practice (and continue to use them as I develop more courses and services), and I’m working hard to develop a great little client base. I’m eternally grateful for the time Lidys took to move through this process with me. I believe that she has a gift and seeing how she’s growing her passion is incredibly inspiring!

Johanna Veenendaal


“I became a confident artist in my own right.”

When I first came to Lidys, I didn’t know whether what I was doing was “correct” – self confidence was lacking. I wanted to learn techniques and gain gain more confidence in my work. Self confidence is what I needed to achieve my goal. I had tried hiding my work from the public because I was ashamed it would make me the laughing stock even though I was excited about what I was doing. I wanted to stop hiding my work and keep learning and growing as an artist. During my time working with Lidys, I enjoyed her constructive criticism and inviting energy. She did everything for me I needed, she knew when to push me even when I myself did not know – nothing was missing, Lidys was a mentor and a friend and for that I am truly thankful. After my work with Lidys, I became a confident artist in my own right, fighting the fight and willing to learn all that I need to get my work done.

Zvafadza (Fadzie) Soko-Simango

Owner, Heart Art