where are you?

where are your dreams?

where is the space in between? that emptiness that fills your space.

that place of the knowing, the unknowing, the in-between.

because we live in dashes and hyphens, in commas and caps lock.

when you look around, do you see yourself?

because I do. I see you. the whole of you and the whole of me. but what is beyond that is for each of us to discover on our own.

each lower case, ellipsis, shadows and shades of wonder…

each question mark, answer mark, and all in between.

because it is that in between that allows us to go IN and be there. resting. sleeping. awakening. swirling around in the infinite space of our knowing.

that knowing.

the one that you keep escaping, that calls to you in sleepless nights, in messy wondering in your living room. that knowing that brings you back to where you began.

where are you?

are you in the lower case or the caps lock? are you Capital i and all that? are you the commas behind your name?

wherever you are, there I meet you. I see you. I hold you.

Because each step you take in the night of your dreams and the light of your thoughts counts. it counts for something, for nothing, for all of it.

don’t despair. don’t believe what the world tells you that you need to be all that and more to succeed in life.

what is succeeding anyway? sometimes i don’t know. but you do. you know.

where are you?

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