So many times I’ve seen how we go around in life looking for that time of day or night to be in the sacred; that new yoga pose or self help book; or that new friend that is all into ‘it’ and you SO want to be like him or her.

You have no idea how many times I have fallen into this trap. Comparing my practice to other people’s. Comparing myself to others is part of being human, ego driven, experience based human being. After decades of struggles, learning, teaching, flying with my heart, driving with my mind, exploring, wondering and wandering, I am here to tell you that it doesn’t fucking matter.

it doesn’t matter who is the best guru.

it doesn’t matter what yoga pose will take you to Nirvana.

it doesn’t matter that you are 20lbs overweight.

it doesn’t really matter that you think you are not a guru or that your sacred guru or teacher is all that to others.

The important question here is:

Are you all that to yourself?

because I am not; and sometimes I am all because that is all I have. Myself to cheer me up, to take me down, to help me find the sacred, find the sacred.


I was thinking, as I usually do, about the Sacred. That thing that we yearn for, look for, work for, marry for, cry for, are here for.

Let me tell you; YOU are the Sacred.
It is not in the yoga you practice, or the people you help, or the books you read, or the workout you do, or the money you make.

The sacred is IN us. IN you. IN me.
When the sacred is hidden, find it…. in you. inside you. in all of you. Because only then will you be able to share it with the world. Only then will you be able to make your yoga practice sacred, the  business you work on sacred, the books you read sacred, the workouts you do at 5am sacred.
Only then will you be able to say; I AM SACRED and actually BELIEVE it!

when the sacred is hidden, find it.
In YOU first.

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