The Mother Mary and Kwan Yin Garden | Mt. Shasta, CA, USA

The Mother Mary and Kwan Yin Garde | Mt. Shasta, CA, USA

There are certain places in the world that are of much interest to the spiritual community. They are places where we are told the energies of the universe meet as a vortex, with much energy and synergy available to those who go there. There is nothing to believe or not believe about these places or the vortexes in them.

What there is to believe is that all that we create our own reality. We are beings made of energy and vibrational frequencies. The places we call vortexes are places we can connect more directly and fully to our own energetic potencial and the cosmos itself. Some of those well known places are the Egyptian Pyramids, Mount Shasta, Chichen Itza, Machu Pichu, Sedona desert, Stonehenge, Lake Titikaka, and many more.

This year I had the privilege and blessing to visit Mount Shasta in Northern California as part of a spiritual retreat with one of my mentors, Renee Li. The group was small but powerful. the experience was unique, as it is with everything we do in life. The opportunity was there and I made it happen.

But I can say that it was not easy going to make it happen. First I had to deal with my own personal patterns of trust, the travel, the finances, and finally; ME. I had been ready for a retreat for quite some time and was already planning to have one this year of my own with a small group of local friends. Things as they happen, I ended up not being able to make that retreat happen due to a family emergency. But the yearning for retreat time was so vividly there still.

I have, throughout the years, been able to attend retreats of spiritual, business, and personal ones. All have been fun, deep, and opening to so much more after the retreat is over. The experience in Shasta was one of these times where my spiritual and human self were able to enjoy themselves, grow, and connect in more ways than one.

Finding New and Old Friends and Teachers

The retreat in Mount Shasta brought together 7 people that had never met in person or at all before, to make of the three days a beautiful time to connect and REmember who we were. We met, we laughed, we activated, we cried, we got lost, we ate; and for some, we saw beyond the veil of human comprehension and into the essence that we are.


The Third Eye and St Germain activations were beautiful and powerful. The presence of beings of love and light, I believe enhanced further our understanding of our purpose in life, in business, in being us. For some, this was the first time they had done activations of this type. For the rest, we REactivated ourselves, while Mercury was starting to be retrograde. A good time to REnew, REactivate, REvamp our lives… and so we did.

Thank you to my friends and peers who participated in this retreat. I saw myself in each one of you and it was a blessing in growth and understanding.


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