It is the last day of 2016. I am at the airport gate waiting for my flight home and thinking about so many things; what this current 2016 year has brought for me and the world around me. I reflect on the things I accomplished, the things I didn’t finish (yes, I managed to keep some unchecked in my list), the people I’ve met, the pains and the sorrows, the loves and the laughters.

Each year we wait until the last day of December to reflect on our life, our goals, our purpose.

Each year we talk harsh at ourselves for the things we didn’t accomplish, and we talk love and praise to ourselves for the things we did finish and accomplish.

But what about we RE-IMAGINE our 2016 to the fullest? 

What about we revisit the times of hardship and challenge and we give thanks for the resilience and growth it brought us? How does that make you feel?

I say, YOU ROCK 2016! You were the rock that I stood on and the one that was thrown at me, the seed that I planted and the harvest that failed.

I LOVE YOU 2016!

You and all that you brought to my life and our collective life. Each event that happened in our lives and the world brought us closer together as human beings, as individuals, as a family; a human family. Many times we didn’t act, we didn’t get to help that much, but all in all  we were there.

Thank you 2016 for the rocking year 9 you brought us!


It is New moon week and new year approaching

The moon has been one of my guides and teachers all my life. From the days my grandmother taught me how to read the weather, the clouds and the wind. She was a wise one, a tough woman to some, but a loving wise woman to many others, including me.

As I looked at the moon and the stars this winter, I realized that I was missing working with the energy of the moon, as I used to do. The moon energy brings us patterns, movement, depth of insight; it helps us look within for the answers to the outside world.

In 2017 I am Re-imagining my life; and the moon will be there to guide me as much as the stars, the cosmos within and the world around me.


Transformation and Expansion in 2017

I will be reworking the plans and vision of my world to reflect more the connection and vibrational healing and growth that comes with being the I AM that we are.

New seasonal offerings that are already peeking through in my shopCosmic Alignment™ offerings and mentorship, artwork, and exclusive musings for my VIP subscribers, and inspirational resources for all levels of awareness and the journey within, is what will be in store at LIDYSGARCIA.COM.

That, and all the shifting and inspiration that I am guided to birth in the next year for the world. Things will change, morph, transform, birth, die, expand, and just BE. That’s how the cosmos moves and lives, and how our lives and our vision manifests.

Let’s make the new year one that expands our minds and souls!


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