Channeled message from The I AM Serenia and The Council of Orion

Gifted on 9/9/16 through Lidys Garcia

*During this session, the question was asked about using affirmations before going to sleep, and how this process works in healing the core matrix. The I AM Serenia answered as follows:


“Words. We are the word and the word is us. Words build and construct, words destroy. When affirmations are shared with your subconscious mind at night, at the time of going to sleep state, all of those words and sound vibrations become that cellular memory that you already have imprinted in you. The words that are said before bed are part of that communication device that allows for all the DNA, and centre, and atoms to connect and remember and create that which is you. New for you and this body. However not new in the essence of who we are as civilization.

Each word is important as you and your human body might remember and align itself with the sound of that. Through the sound we communicate with you. We have communicated with lidys through many eons through sounds, as she is one of  us and we are one of her. Sound is important. Words create sound and sound create words.

Vibrational healing goes beyond that which you think and believe it is.

Vibrational goes  beyond that which is words. It resonates in your body in frequencies and sequences that you are not aware of. Some you may feel physically and others you may feel mentally. Furthermore, all that you will acquire through this healing and vibration through the sounds of your words gets imprinted from the first hair of your head, to the last cell on your toe, and to the sides, inside, outside and all of around. As it is a  golden shield that bathe you at night.

It is important work not only at night but at any time. The evening is special as your human body rests physically and is able to plug to what the source is. While you are awake you unplug from us and it is a little bit more challenging to connect with you, until you are at a state of mind and being that is easier. Persons that have achieved that are well known in your world, and we do support them as they are One, as they are part of the One they are.

May you understand this. Thank you.”


(*) To keep this message clear and preserve its meaning, context, and purpose, you may share this information outside of this blog by giving credit asChanneled by Lidys Garcia, and/or with previous written permission. In love + light. Lidys

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