Have you looked at your belly today?

Have you caressed your breast, your shoulders, your arms?

Have you fed your body the nutrients that it needs today?

These questions are gentle healing prompts to help us get back to our bodies. They are a gentle reminder that we are a living, breathing physical body.

Our bodies are beautiful.

Your body is beautiful. Did you know that?

Every season we get the messages from the media about indulging in sinful foods and drinks, about how fat or overweight we can get during the holidays, about making sure you fill up now and then lose it all in January.

I won’t say what the problem is with these messages, as we all know how the media targets and manipulates us. But what I will say is that there is another way of being YOU and in YOUR body this season and all year long.

Sacred books and teachings in all religions and spiritual paths talk about our body as a temple, as an energy source and body that provides for us our life. But I like to go further with this main premise; to the idea and personal belief that our bodies are more than a vessel, or a temple or a container to take care of.

Saying this is not simplifying things, but rather bringing the complexity of who we are to the surface of our lives. Separating our bodies from our mind, our heart, and our soul is splitting us in different parts of one whole.

One of the journeys I have engaged in this past year has been to look at my body differently. I went through a challenging time of treatment for health reasons. I made changes after the treatment that needed to be done to nurture my body back to health. The results have been beautifully great for me. From losing unneeded weight and gaining more stamina, to feeling and seeing (thinking) myself as a whole me; different and beautiful. But the word beautiful alone is a loaded word.

I am not talking here about the beauty that we are bombarded with every day in the media and our cultures and society; or the beauty that has been jaded so much in the online (mainly) and offline spiritual communities.

I am talking about the beauty and beautiful you that we are born as.


So here are some of the main things I have done this year to change my relationship with my body and its being.

Time to Release

I decided to use the Spring time to clear out and release. It was not only a metaphorical one, but also a literal one. I began with my environment, our physical body as it relates to the physical environment we live in. the place we live in and how cluttered or not it is, affects our bodies and minds.

Loving action: look around your space. How does it nurture you? Does it feel balanced and in harmony with where you want to be? What needs to be changed? Maybe some de-cluttering and clean up is needed. If you do need to clean up and de-clutter, do it from an intention of love and healing. Our intentions are everything in the energy we put out in the world.

Some tips are to clean up one area at a time and take a weekend to do each. Don’t hurry, don’t fret, it is about the process of living this clean up as a clearing of your own body and energy field

Time to Heal

Once the cleaning time started, it continued until things were getting into shape. The shift that happened after this cleaning began was subtle; but once I was on a roll taking each weekend to clean up and declutter more here and there, the shift was evident. I was feeling lighter and brighter. I got to the kitchen clean up day and wow, the difference it made to my body and my relationship with my body and habits was palpable.

I say to you, it is not about cleaning up your fridge and filling it up again with the same. Once you get to this stage of the release process, the healing begins and is more obvious for you and your body.

Loving action: take the time to move with each day of cleaning and decluttering to experience it as a clearing of all things that have served their purpose. . Breathe in the process. Rest. Drink plenty of water (at least 6 glasses a day) and lots of veggies and fruits on the days you are doing this journey of renewal.

Look at each item in your fridge and see and know how it feels to you now, but most importantly, to your body. What do you feel in the centre point of your body, your stomach and chest. Do you really need those 5 lbs of kale that you haven’t touched since you got them, but you feel guilty of not getting them because ‘kale is good for you’ they say. Make conscious choices about the food you like and desire to eat. Don’t leave food in the fridge or buy it again because you are ‘supposed to’ eat them. Do it because you desire and want them.

That is a huge shift right there waiting for you.

Time to Share

One of the things that supported me through this year of clearing, healing and growing, was to share this journey with others. Even if it was just comments in a conversation, or discussing it with loved ones. Every time I shared, I was holding myself accountable to my Self and my body. Pounds were shedding, spaces were cleared, old things were discarded with, and new ones were acquired as needed. This time around the process was different for me. I was making choices on food, clothes, furniture, books, and anything that has entered my life this year.

Shift happens. Enjoy it.

Loving action: as you go through the clearing and healing of your body and space, find someone or a group who to share this with. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or your whole personal experiences, but just the sharing makes it so much more powerful and action oriented for you.


By sharing this experience with you, may you find the tools you need to clear and heal and grow with yourself and your body.

May you free your body of that which weighs it in despair and stuckness and may you find the liberation of healing and cleansing your life

May you be well and healthy.

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