How To Transform Fear and Be Your Cosmos

So here I am trying to figure out what to write, what to say, how to express to you what goes through my mind, through my heart, and my body every time I sit to write down an article or I think about the many things that I want to share with you.

You see, it all stems from fear; from the fear that comes  about sharing my thoughts and feelings on an online setting. There are different kinds of fears; there is the innate fear and there is the social fear that we develop as we grow older. Ultimately, it is up to us to look at each one of these fears that we have in front of us and deal with them. But more than dealing with them, it is better to erase them, to transform them into something that is useful, in a way that help us grow and help us be and become that which we already are: the highest expression of God of the I AM, of the universe itself.

Let’s Transform Fear!

So when you look at yourself in the mirror like I do at times, think about every single time that you have felt fear. Every time that you look at yourself in the mirror – the mirror of your job, the mirror of your friends, the mirror of your family situations, the mirror of your own self, the mirror when you are looking at you in the morning; each time you can take that experience and live with it individually, separately, from all other experiences. Since it is taking a look at each one of those moments of fear, that take us at step closer to where we need to be, grow, and move from where we are (fear, doubt) and into the step ahead.

Therefore, each moment of fear you have, take it in your hands and breathe on it love, breathe on it compassion. Send the breath from your mouth, the breath that makes you alive, the one that makes you who you are, exist in this physical world. It is with the power of a breath and our hands that were able to take that which we think is just a concept or a feeling, and make it into something different. So take that fear that is in you mind and put it in your hands; look at it and bless it; ask it questions – where did you come from? who are you? where are you going? Then breeze your breath into it, along with your new message for your life and your purpose.

You are not erasing the fear completely out of his existence, you are erasing the patterns that come through fear, through the experience of fear. Those patterns of thought and behaviour are the one that we sometimes don’t even know where they come from, or how we put them there. It does not matter.  they are there for reason; they are there for a purpose. Make fear that purpose you need it to be.

Take ownership of the purpose that comes from being the cosmos. Take ownership of it.

Take ownership of fear and the purpose that you are in the cosmos.

Transform the Fear into the Cosmos that You Are

We do this by aligning with the teaching that lives inside the fear itself. If it is the fear of public speaking, then what is the issue that makes you afraid of speaking in public? what is the purpose of that fear of public speaking? How can you transform the fear of public speaking and send it to the cosmos of your purpose? Continue this exercise in awareness with each of those fears at the moment they happen. It may not be convenient to you; you may be in a grocery store, you may be at work, but acknowledge the fear and doubt with your thoughts and your body in a soft whisper:

“I see you and thank you fear. Let’s be one in the cosmos of my I Am today.”
and move on.

Taking that moment to work with your fears and transform them,  can only but enhance your relationship with your inner and outer cosmos; that cosmos of peace, understanding and kindness to yourself and others, and to living in alignment with your creator.

Now you are taking that ownership of it’s presence in your life and you are not letting it take over your life at that moment. By simply acknowledging it and transforming it to align with you and your being, you are already taking your power back by moving from that fear to the step ahead.

With the most love I share with you this because I have lived in that space; because I am still in that space at times; because every day there is a little fear that comes into my life in one way or another and makes me doubt myself and my presence and purpose in life. Fear does this either through other people, through circumstances at work, at home, with friends, or more directly with my own self.

Ownership of My Fears

One of the things that I have worked on throughout different stages of my life, has been dealing with my own fears and doubts; and moving from that into a place of action, a place of transformation, a place of renewal, a place where I am safe, loved, and powerful as I am already. I share this with you so you can see that we are not perfect, none of us is. We are perfection embodied in a human body that allows us to experience imperfection at many levels.

The perfection of our essence comes from and through how we deal with the imperfections of our humanity.

We cannot experience being the cosmos we are, until we experience the humanity that we are in this body. Whether this is something that you believe or not, it does not matter. Being the cosmos is not a religion; is just simply the opportunity to engage in conversation about what is beyond our comprehension and limitations. It is an opportunity to talk about that which is beyond what the passive mind tells us that is and exist.

Have I dealt with all my fears and now am I going to be free of fears? No. That is the least of things to happen in your life, and in my life specifically. Transforming fear into purpose does not make it disappear and not show up in future moments/events.

Let’s just make fear something different. Let’s make it work for us, make it work for you.

YOU are the cosmos. You are not your fears.

I am not my fears; I Am the Cosmos.

Using fear as a tool for transformation is the path to mastery, and thus the path to ascension.


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