The 5 Senses of Money Manifesting Mindset

5 Steps Manifest Money Mindset- LidysGarcia

Inside: Is money manifesting mindset something we can easily do ? Learn 5 steps to use all your senses to grow your money manifest mindset, and discover what’s truly holding you back from having what you desire.


How many times have you heard about money manifesting mindset or been told  “You can manifest as much money as you want! Just visualize it.” (said the guru).

But, can you? is money manifesting that easy? Let’s see how we can take steps to a manifest money mindset.

I believe it is plausible to align with the universe and signal your money desires and intent for better results and opportunities. But how much of that signalling is going to bring you the money and abundance you want? and abundance is not only about money, but other things in life.

I would say there are two things to consider with money manifesting mindset, and abundance in your life, beyond a mere asking the Universe/god/saints for money.

  1. One, is the meaning you give money;
  2. The other is how you make money mean something different, and believing it.

When you make money and its meaning something more tangible for your life, experiences and purpose, then money becomes the source of abundance and well being we look for in it.

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But first, we need to see and experience money and abundance differently, so we can get better at money manifesting.

How We See Money Matters

We have learned to see money in two different ways:

1- We see money as something that is separate from us, as something that is not related to us energetically, or effecting our life in more areas than just buying power. We avoid speaking about money, thinking about it, and making decisions about it, all of this believing that if we believe it’s separate, then it won’t harm us and we have control of our lives.

2- We see money as the contrary to above. We see it as a thing that clings to our energy day and night, to our decision-making process, our present, and mostly our future.

In other words, we are slaves to money in all aspects of our sentient life. Either we are slaves to making and having more money regardless, or we are slaves to not having enough and being at the mercy of others to supply us with money.

However, today I want to challenge you to think, see, and feel money in a different way and from a different perspective. One that is more connected to the whole of our Selves; in a way that is aligned with who you are and your future self. Because money manifesting doesn’t have to be hard.

When you look at money this way, you learn that is an energetic tool in our lives, a powerful one.

We can use money and abundance to mean something different, to make it be a part of our vision of life and career/business. When you have a clearer vision of what you can do and BE in the world, you can then learn to see money in a different light, as a way to help you fulfill your goals and visions for your life. [ Learn how to create your life vision ]

How Money Manifesting works:

When was the last time that you blessed your money?
Money is not a dirty word, but it has become one in our society.

I believe that the origins of many fears in our life come from our beliefs about money. Once money became more than a trading tool, capitalistic slavery and our fears around it were created and perpetuated.

You have learned or have been conditioned to believe all the negative aspects of money before any good ones can be seen,
for example:

Money = bad
Money = fears
Money = unknown
Money = power/powerless
Money = slavery
Money = lack of freedom
Money = hard work
Money = scarcity
Money = stress
Money = hustle

These are all created through a culture and belief of fear and dominance.
A culture that teaches you since you were a little kid that money rules over you, instead of the other way around.

Your mindset has been conditioned to believe that money is evil before you even learn to make money yourself. This starts when we are children and limitations around money are taught by our parents, siblings, environment.

But, What if this is all a lie? What if we learned differently? Your money manifesting mindset can be something like:

Money = is neutral
Money = is success
Money = is peace
Money = is easy
Money = give me more choices
Money = is future abundance
Money = is whatever I want it to be!

The Memory of Money

You have learned different ways of looking at money which most of the time, if not always, have nothing to do with your own view of money and abundance.

For example:
– what is the earliest memory that you have of money in your life, how old were you, how did it make you feel/think?
– when was the first time that you touched money, or that you smelled money?
– how did it feel to have money? How did it smell? What thoughts came through your mind?
– what’s the first memory you have of when you first used money and that you were aware what money was for?

“Well, those are just childhood’s memories” some say. But are they just that?

That early memory of money sets an imprint in your mind and your soul about what money is for you, what can do for you, and how you can live with it.

If that memory imprint is misaligned with the real purpose of money, then your experience of having money, keeping money, creating money, and sharing money in your life can be twisted and it gets corrupted.

Now, Drawing from that first memory go to the next memory of money that you have, which is the first time you earned money.

When was the first time that you earn money?

Did it smell of success, accomplishments, or did it smell of debt to pay and scarcity?

How did you feel when you saw money in your bank account, in your check book, in your hands? [Learn how to recreate your own abundance path]

What memories about money do to your future self

Your memories of receiving money and of earning money set another stage of your understanding of money and abundance by making it shape your beliefs about earning money for a living.

Those two memories are key and pivotal in your understanding of money manifesting and your relationship with money; especially when you grow up into adulthood and earning a living for money.

For example, my first memory of when I saw money and smelled money was when I was around about six or seven years old. In the mind of my seven-year-old self, I saw that my mother would keep money in her wallet and that it was exchanged for food and things she liked and that she wanted. In my child-like understanding I thought “this money provides for us when we want things” and because sometimes my mother wouldn’t buy the foods and treats I liked, but still had money in her wallet, I thought to myself “mom doesn’t know how to use money or how to use it, so I’ll show her”.

Then, one day when I didn’t have the foods/treats I liked, I took it upon myself to ‘show my mom how to get these things’. Because, obviously in my mind, she didn’t know what to do with the money so she kept it in her wallet. So, I would take one dollar from my mom’s wallet, go to the corner store and bring the things that I liked, like plantains and cookies. I would bring them home for everyone to enjoy. I would tell my mom that I had found the money on the street, so she wouldn’t feel bad about not knowing how to use it, and to show how ‘I’ knew how to. Everyone was fed, I got my cookies, I was happy!

For me that meant I was providing for my family and for my mother, just like she had done for us. I was showing her how to use money because I thought she didn’t know how to use it. After the second time of doing this and using the same found-money excuse, my mother figured it out and that was it for me being a provider and my cookie habit.

Lesson learned? Well, yeah…in a way.

My mother said not to do that again because that money was not for food, that we didn’t have money for those things, and that money didn’t grow on trees.

There goes another belief for my child’s mind about money and abundance.

After that, I saw my mother work hard and struggle to make ends meet, always dependent on her employer, the state government, to pay her or not. Her wallet would be empty some months, and full other months.

I felt and saw money as something that had power over us, giving or taking things we needed or wanted. “Would Mr dinero in the wallet allows cookies this month?” – I would wonder.
It took me many years to get that thought and belief out of my subconscious mind.

What about you?
What is your earlier memory of money and handling, using or having money in your hands?
How did it feel for you?

Growing your money mindset and money beliefs

As adults, we can create new memories of money and abundance, and replace the ones we created when we were children.

Now as an adult, you have learned to work for money, which then makes money become something completely different. It becomes a means to an end. So let’s take these memories of your relationship with money throughout your lifetime and change them into something that is different.

You can learn that money is sacred.
Money is the means to help provide for you in the world in a harmonious way, a way that relates energetically to your soul and life purpose.
Money then becomes your partner in your life’s vision, and not a blockage.
Money is neutral.

Yes, you read that right. Money is neutral and it doesn’t have power over you, unless you give it meaning and power. The money that sits in your bank account does not have meaning until you give it meaning.

Overcoming Underearning
You Are a Bad Ass At Making Money
Your Money Or Your Life

How to make money work for you with all your senses

This is not a light “oh I’m grateful for money” mantra praying exercise.

Money is neutral, but you make it mean something.

So, let’s use that experience and feeling you had of money growing up and later as an adult, and transform it into something different, and useful for you today.

5 Steps to money manifesting mindset and more abundance in your life:

1- Awareness. Take a paper bill from your wallet. Touch it and feel it with your hands. Now, close your eyes and smell it. See all the things that money has given to you, what is providing for you right now, and that will provide for you in the future; for example, your next meal, a roof over your head, and such.

2- Create your desires. Write words on your money. Build a desire of something that is in your vision board that you desire with all your heart, soul, and your mind. Not something for others, but something more deep and meaningful for you.

Perhaps it’s the next trip you have been saving for, or paying all the debt, or saving for your kids’ college tuition. Create new thoughts to work from and use from now on about money beliefs and desires.
Write 2-3 of your new thoughts and beliefs in short sentences in that bill.

3- Touch your money. Be mindful of it and give thanks. Whatever it is for you, write it down with a colourful pen. Sit with it and put it in your hands again. Now you’re going to thank this money that has provided and will provide for you.

Add on: Whenever you give out or receive money in your hands, take the time to feel it in your hands and be mindful of what energy is bringing or giving in that exchange. Be conscious of what comes into your life and what goes out. Awareness is key.

4- Smell your money, Make it yours. Take your favourite perfume and spray little bit on that bill. Close your eyes and smell it. What do you see? Create an image of that smell and money bill becoming the house you want, the paid off credit card, the special dinner out, or the happy client. The money bill with that new good smell is now how your new thoughts about money and blessings smell and feel. The blessing of you having that money with a new purpose and belief, a new feeling in your hands, in your wallet, and in your life. These senses begin to create a new memory of money in your life. Day by day and touch by touch.

5- Carry it with you. You can now carry that new, meaningful money bill in your pocket or in your wallet with purpose. From now on, throughout the day as much as possible or as much as you remember (at least once a day), take that bill out of your wallet and touch it, smell the new aroma it has.

Now whenever you smell that aroma, you will remember the new thoughts you wrote, the blessing of the money, how grateful you are and how your money smiles back at you.

Having money and abundance is an act that requires the five senses.

When you see and work with money in a detached way, separate from the energetic that it has or create in your mind, you are closing your possibilities to a multidimensional experience of having a money manifesting mindset that creates abundance in your life.

Now you can feel, touch, and see money differently in your life.

Make Money Yours

Working with money, making money, and your memories of money this way allows all your senses to be in sync with your desire to re-create a new experience of money in your life. It is practical money magic for your subconscious.

Creating a new set of memories about your relationship with money starts with you creating new thoughts, because your current thoughts about money come from experiences in your past and shaped your beliefs about money. You can always create a different money manifesting mindset to live by.

Be grateful for your past memories about money and abundance, and move forward with new understandings about abundance and money beliefs that are more in sync with you in the now, and in the future you want and desire to create. This is how you can change and grow and flow with a healthier money manifesting mindset.

xo, Lidys.

Now your turn!
What do you believe about money? Do you use your five senses when dealing with money and abundance?
Comment below!

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