Channeled message from The I AM Serenia
Gifted through Lidys Garcia on the day of Cosmic alignment 9/9/9 (on 9/9/2016 a 9 year)

On Doubts and The Fabric of One

May you not doubt yourself or your mission. When you do, you do a disservice to your I Am and to that I am of those who are waiting for you. Once you set them free, they will be on their own I Am. but do not doubt your work. It is all that there for you. When your apprehensions as human take over your mission, you’re behind. May you understand that. That which comes to you  from all of us  which is you, is of highest service.

When in doubt, always, always ask for this to be of highest service and to come in alignment with the I AM and with the cosmic source that you are.

There are certain low dimensional beings and energies that try to infiltrate in your life. That comes through doubt. Open a hole in your fabric of one. A hole that allows for darkness […] Every time you doubt, you also collect […] May you continue with your purpose, that which do not work in your [inaudible] It always works in ours. Do not compare yours with ours. It is not of your work, as you know it you are us.

May you not doubt, and i do say with stern words, may you not doubt yourself, or your communication. The moment you do, then you disconnect from that higher self that is you. Understand that we are not here to tell you what to do but we are here to  remind you of who you are and what you do. So asking for permission is one thing, however, when you ask more than that and doubt yourself, those messages get pulled back in the box like the bird. Do not be the bird in the box. Do not be the bird in a cage.

So when doubt comes in you are restraining  others from accessing their purpose and I Am.

Never look at yourself as just you; when you do, you do not allow others to reach their all I Am or One

Please be open and be of work , of earnest work, and share as is needed and as you are guided.


(*) To keep this message clear and preserve its meaning, context, and purpose, you may share this information outside of this blog by giving credit as: Channeled by Lidys Garcia, with a link to this website, and/or with previous written permission. In love + light.

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