What is closed?

I ask, sometimes.

…and the world answers back

“your mind, to the possibilities of all you are.

Your heart, to the lightness of letting go.

Your soul from the nourishing that you so much deserve.”

Those three things the world of Lidys spoke of are in each one of you, waiting to be taken care of.

Because transformation doesn’t happen on its own.

Because we are complex beings that look for ways of satisfying that which is external to us. When the truth is that we are that which is within, and waiting to come out.


What is closed?

Sometimes our bodies scream at us “closed!” and we ignore them. we ignore our bodies like we ignore our feelings, emotions, beliefs, and boundaries.

What is closed for me right now is the time of doubt and fear. Because both doubt and fear are created by my mind.

I registered for this training the other day. It will help me put out in the world the things that I have been keeping inside myself, and/or that I have shared with few people. After I registered and started interacting with some of the people in our group, I realized my imperfections (in my mind) of what I was ‘supposed’ to be or do (in my mind) in that course, with those people, with my teacher.

And then fear sneaked in. Doubt followed. Perfectionism flourished.

What is closed?

I asked again to now fearful and doubtful, perfectionist Lidys.

Heart chakra. Root chakra.

I took a breath. I answered back to the world

“Lidys is fine. She is well. She is great.

Perfectionism got to her. again. But she is strong, and valuable.

Lidys is Open now.”

and so I leave you with this;

what is closed?

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