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Doing What You Love Is Not Good

... what to do instead. “Just do what you love, and you’ll love what you do!” How many times have you heard this? Too many to count, I know. There are so many times in life we’ve been told, heard, or read this saying. But what does it really mean? Do you know? Let me...

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Fear and the Search for Self

We go searching for the next guru, and the next saviour coach that will give us the right answer to all our business problems, will help us find the ‘ideal’ client and all that shit that we are supposed to be doing to get that ideal starbucks-drinker-client to like us, trust us, know us.

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The Root Of Love – Mother Love

I came to the bedroom door and saw the woman, the crone, the life resting on a chair. Fragile, smiling, wrinkled. Hands of work and healing. There. She was there. I was there.
The root of love lies in the centre of our bodies. The centre that we find at that moment. It can be your heart, your pelvis, your head, your shoulder, your face, your throat, your eyes.


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When the Sacred is Hiding, Find It

So many times I've seen how we go around in life looking for that time of day or night to be in the sacred; that new yoga pose or self help book; or that new friend that is all into 'it' and you SO want to be like him or her. You have no idea how many times I have...

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Perfectionism and the Quest for a Life Well Lived

How many times over and over again have you thought of doing something great, of building something or creating something, or just writing something. The being gets in the way of the doing, and vice-versa. We are born, we grow, we live, we die, and sometimes we are...

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Where Are You?

where are you? where are your dreams? where is the space in between? that emptiness that fills your space. that place of the knowing, the unknowing, the in-between. because we live in dashes and hyphens, in commas and caps lock. when you look around, do you see...

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