You are a soulful seeker,

 yearning for clarity and guidance on one area of your life that keeps you stuck.

You need someone who can listen without judgement and help you get the clarity and confidence you are looking for. You have some questions or doubts that keep you stuck with the next step.

You are looking for an

intuitive deep-dive guide

who can help you navigate the waters of your newly remembered powerful you.

You are done with the same line; “ I know what I want and have to do, but there’s something still keeping me stuck”. 


Soul Spa Session™

A private  60 min session for guidance, self-empowerement, and alignment.

Soul Spa Sessions are
unique to each individual.

No cookie-cutter stuff here.


You feel stuck, unclear, in need of specific guidance on releasing what you think may be the main issue that’s keeping you from living your life full out.

You’ve gone to all the gurus, teachers, and books.

Because you are unique, we work from the place of the now and moving ahead, while respecting the past experiences.

Now it’s the time to really BE with your Self and your soul’s vision from a different place, with the right support and listening heart.

Receive an energetic alignment session and a reading of your Human Design (HD) cosmology, and guidance through  the mechanics of how you are best to express yourself in this world.

*These are not on-the-spot readings or divination! I take my time preparing for our session, see below for details. 

 What you get


with your Core Self with ease & grace. Practical ways to be a better you.


of where you are and your next steps for seeing your vision expressed.


of support to help you be in awareness, clear, and express what’s holding you back and how you may  move forward.

Self care

time with purpose. No phones, no kids, no work, only a virtual Spa time for your Soul and mind with care. 


1:1 HD reading, guidance, and next steps to help you stay in alignment after the session.


your star codes for full circle support and future work on your own, because you are your own guru!

What’s included:


  • Energetic Alignment and Human Design Reading – I will guide you through your energetic body expression via your Human Design (HDS) cosmology and the mechanics of how you can best express yourself in this world, your soul gifts!. We’ll explore your energetic body, how you show up in the world, your strengths, areas to gain wisdom, how to make decisions for best results, what makes you unique, and more.

  • A Companion Guide – A 4-6 pages PDF file for easy reading and printing. It contains the core contents of your HD chart and as support for living your Human Design experiment in everyday life. Each companion guide is unique to you according to your Human Design cosmology (chart).


  • Alignment, awareness, connection – We will look at  the main area or issue that needs clarity and alignment to your unique needs and vision of life, and how you are best to work through them. Depending on your needs, I may refer you to other resources for follow up.

  • Lived Experience – I respectfully work from my lived experience with different socio-cultural and ancestral modalities/teachings that I’ve learned and trained in over the past 30 years; including but not limited to the Human Design System.

  • NOTE – This is not on-the-spot reading or divination! – I take my time reading your HD chart and mechanics. I take several days to prepare for this session by reading your HD chart, source referencing, taking notes from my own insights, and meditation on your chart. I then share the core mechanics of your chart and any key aspects I see as key to highlight to you. I come ready to guide you through your cosmos and how to implement it in real life.

    This is not a counselling or professional mental health session. See all terms of Purchase here

Who is this for?

These sessions are for anyone who is looking to learn from the Human Design view how to understand better their body energetics, how to best make decisions, show up in the world, communication and relationships, and more. Each session is unique to you and your energy mechanics & HD cosmology. It is best suited for anyone new or getting started with their Human Design.

Do I need to know Human Design, Body Energetics or anything like that?

No, you don’t.

This session is perfect for beginners who don’t know Human Design, body energetics, and the like. It will give you a newer and fresh frame of reference to be guided by at your own will. 

It is also great for those who may know about the basics of energertic body awareness and/or Human Design cosmology (such as type, authority, strategy) but want a fresh look at their chart from my reading style, and/or may want to focus on one area of interest in their chart.

If you are looking for more in-depth guidance specific to Starseeds and energetics, or specific areas to explore in your Human Design chart and experiment, contact me directly to discuss how I can best assist you. 

I'm quite the introvert / I don't like Zoom or online sessions, can you still help me?


You can get your own written reading called Your Cosmic Blueprint™ here. It’s a full Human Design reading delivered in a beautifylly designed and written bok format (PDF) for ease of reading and prinitng. It is written in everyday language, with actionable insights and reflections to help you implement what you learn.

It’s another way I can offer to guide you in your own life experiment.

I'm not sure / What if I change my mind, do you offer refunds?

I understand that some of you may need a few more days to think about it and make a decision. Take your time to trust your body/gut/heart to make an informed decision and come back to purchase when you are ready. I am here for you either way.  You can join my newsletter here to read from me regularly on how I work and share with others in my email community, you can also follow me on instagram here and check back on my website for future blog posts. You can also contact me directly for any questions about my products, services, sessions, and programmes.

If you are ready to purchase, please note: All sales of products, programmes, and services on this website are final. No refunds will be issued. We truly believe in giving more than receiving and each of our products and services is designed by keeping this core principle in mind. Prices may change from time to time at our sole discretion. Please see full terms & conditions here, and our terms of purchase here.