Aligning Our Purpose and Healing The Earth

Channeled message from The I AM Serenia and The Council of Orion.
Gifted on 9/9/16 through Lidys Garcia

Earth’s Alignment and Our Purpose

Earth as you know it is shifting rapidly from all the previous times. There is no more time to wait. Those who need  to move and relocate in order to do better work must do so. You align with your Gaia with your mother earth as you call. Put this in your work every night and morning, align with the sequences and geographic alignment of earth and where you are. Ask in connection to Gaia, ask her what she needs and where she needs you. Sometimes humans get attached at places and people and atmosphere. Do not do so. In order to be of service to your Self, you human fellows, and your mission and purpose you must be open to align with that which needs to be worked on and aligned with. Gaia has its own vibrational field. And her own sequential vibrational and orientation. At this time, the movements are  [inaudible] and thus you have seen these changes in atmospheric expressions of your earth. You may ask in connection to Gaia and to that which you call mother Mary, on how to pursue and how to move forward where  she needs you the most. Things are shifting and our physicality is shifting and changing. We are in a different stage galacticaly. Because as you may remember, the cosmic and the earthly is created by  all of us. And also destroyed by all of us. You may access it and you may not. The key of accessing your Gaia connection and ask where you may be of service. That will help you humanly but that will be of purpose to your mission.

A Message of Love

You are loved child.  You are of love. There is much  work to do and is much  left to share. Everything is in alignment for each one  of you, as we are all one connected. We are transmitting to you as needed and when needed. At times it may be in hours that you do not agree with, but remember the more you are working in alignment with yourself, as the I AM, the better and easier it is for you and for us to be one.

Aligning With Earth’s Healing

The healing of this earth is already begun. Now, is the stage of further healing. Gaia must be healed promptly. As part of the cosmic purpose. We each must connect. Do not close your minds and ears and mouths to that which you must share with others. Sound is  of importance. Words are of importance. Written words are of importance. Mind shift mind work is of importance.  Do not fear Lidys [LIGHT LANGUAGE] Garcia. What you call mother Mary is one of us as one of us is all of you. May you understand this. May you understand as what you call gaia or earth It is one of us as well; projections in these timelines of space that you call now, yesterday, tomorrow. But there is no such thing.”

(*) To keep this message clear and preserve its meaning, context, and purpose, you may share this information outside of this blog by giving credit as Channeled by Lidys Garcia, with a link to this blog, and/or with previous written permission.

In love + light.

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